WOAW Gallery Presents 'SMART IDIOTS' Group Exhibition

Art continues to stretch from one medium to the next, bringing about an influx of new ideas and tools for expression. While digital media presents a wealth of possibilities, painting continues to be the tried-and-true method for many creatives.

SMART IDIOTS is a new group exhibition at WOAW Gallery that uses this premise as its point of departure to explore how six artists celebrate the physicality and sensations of painting. The show’s title is a cheeky nod to curator Matías Sánchez‘s belief that many people are smart idiots, who know of their strengths, yet are filled with self-doubt.

“Seemingly fun and silly, the title has many layers of understanding to it, much like the works by Sánchez, which are joyful and fun upon first glance. When digging deeper, the viewer will see a certain menace and edge,” wrote a release by the gallery.

Further into the gallery, you will find the thick impasto paintings of Cristina Lama Ruiz and American painter Dan Schein, as well as the therianthropic work of Gregory Forstner and Paco Pomet’s precise renderings.

The exhibition opened today and will be on view at WOAW Gallery until January 9, 2023.

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WOAW Gallery
9 Queen’s Road Central,
Central, Hong Kong

Exhibiting Artists:

Matías Sánchez
Cristina Lama Ruiz
Gregory Forstner
Dan Schein
Klaas Rommelaere
Paco Pomet

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