What’s the best song to break up to? Charli XCX’s new podcast asks your favourite celebrities

In need of a fun new music podcast to listen to? Charli XCX’s Best Song Ever could be exactly what you’re looking for.

The soundtracks to our lives are important. We all have that one go-to playlist we belt out in the car, or the artist we choose when we want to wind down for the day.But what is the best song to get through a break-up? Or, what tune will always change your mood or pep you up for a good day?

That’s what singer Charli XCX is asking an impressive line-up of celebrity guests for her new BBC Sounds podcast, Best Song Ever.

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Each episode, Charli and her guests will curate their “ultimate life playlist” by answering prompts to find out what the best song is for all different situations and stages of life. From the best songs to shop to, to tracks that will ‘guarantee’ a romantic encounter, Charli nudges her guests into deeper conversations, unearthing never before heard anecdotes, memories, and emotions that come along with their ‘Best Songs Ever’.

The concept sounds just like a modern take on the classic radio show Desert Island Discs, and we’re very into it. 

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“The reason I wanted to do this podcast is because I love talking to people, and I love exploring the emotional connection any person can have with music,” the singer said in a press release.

“Songs that soundtrack specific moments in life can amplify and affect a moment drastically and so I wanted to explore what those moments and songs are with some of my favourite creative people,” she added. “In every conversation I’ve had, I’ve learnt something brand new about each guest and I feel like I’ve gotten to know each and everyone one of them a little bit more.”

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Euphoria star Barbie Ferreira is one of the podcast guests

The first episode of the series was kicked off with fellow pop icon Christine and the Queens, who shared her picks for the best songs to walk through Paris in the rain to, fall in love to and cry in the shower to.

Other guests so far have included legendary producer Mark Ronson, Euphoria actress Barbie Ferreira and writer and comedian Ziwe. 

Producer Mark Ronson also shares his best songs ever with Charli

If you’ve already decided what song you want played at your funeral, or have strong opinions on exactly what soundtrack to bump into your ex and their new partner to, this is definitely one to listen out for.

Best Song Ever is available in full on BBC Sounds, with selected episodes available on Spotify. 

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