Whatnot Is Auctioning Off 2,454 PSA-Graded Pokémon TCG Cards in Its Month-Long "Slabathon"

Pokémon TCG fans will not want to miss Whatnot’s May Slabathon auction month. The stars have aligned for this month-long auction where roughly four months ago, Whatnot was tipped off that someone was sitting on a massive collection that contained 22 complete Wizards of the Coast sets (including a 1st Edition, shadowless, master set), American/Japanese promos, and error — all sitting in binders within a small home in the middle of California.

Agreeing the consign this treasure trove, the collection was eventually all individually graded by PSA where a total of 2,454 slabs were produced. Now, this entire collection will be available via auction until the end of this month where 30-night live-action events will take place. Auctions will begin at $1 and last for 1 minute, moving in reverse-chronological order with Legendary Collection going first, ending with the 1st Edition Base Set Shadowless on May 29th. Some of the slabs included in this Slabathon include at PSA 10 1st Edition Shining Charizard ($17,500 USD), PSA 10 Crystal Charizard ($17,500 USD), PSA 10 Legendary Collection Reverse Dark Blastoise ($3,500 USD), PSA 10 1st Edition Shining Tyranitar ($6,000 USD), and a PSA 6 1st Edition Base Set Shadowless Charizard ($9,000 USD), to name a few. It is estimated that there are over $500,000 USD worth of cards in the Slabathon.

Collectors can head over to Whatnot for the full auction schedule, or download the app to take part in this exclusive Pokémon TCG auction.

In other trading card news, there’s a General Mills cereal shortage thanks to Pokémon TCG scalpers.
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