We Tried Different Water Sports From Our Bucket Lists

On this week’s episode of Ultimate Bucket List the team heads back to Vegas to tackle their water-themed activities!

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Meet today’s contenders: Essence, Dan, and Jasmine!

Okay, okay, I know you might be thinking, “What the heck is mermaid school?!”

Basically, AquaMermaid teaches you how to become a real-life mermaid (or as close as a human can get).

I’m talking full on mermaid tails. MERMAID TAILS!

After suiting up in their fins, they headed into the pool to try their hands at swimming!

The mer-teacher recommends swimming with a “dolphin kick,” which is sort of like doing the worm underwater.

Some people were more graceful than others…

But in the end everyone had a blast living our their Ariel fantasies.

Next up was Dan’s choice: surfing!

And at first I was like, surfing? In Las Vegas??

Turns out you can actually surf on artificial waves at Planet Hollywood!

It’s called the FlowRider and tbh it looks way more fun than real surfing. And, as Dan points out, you don’t have to worry about getting eaten by sharks!

Pretty much everybody wiped out big time at least once.

But apparently wiping out was the most fun part, so win-win???

Last up was Jasmine’s bucket list item: water skiing!

Lake Mead is a huge water sports destination, so Jas took the team to the national park with Vegas Watersports to try it out!

They hadn’t even strapped on skis yet and Jasmine was super excited.

*in The Lonely Island voice*

But this turned out to the be the hardest activity at all, with even Jasmine falling face-first into the water every time.

How much do you want to bet she got a nose full of water?

Essence decided waterskiing might be a bit too hard for her and decided to sit this one out.

Which, after watching Jasmine and Dan face-plant straight into water, is a totally fair choice.

Decision time! The winner of the Ultimate Bucket List award: waterskiing!

It was actually a unanimous decision, despite Essence just relaxing on the boat the entire time (but hey, that’s on my bucket list too).

Do you think they made the right decision?

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