Wayne Gretzky’s Daughter Paulina Revealed Her Never-Before-Seen Tattoo While Confidently Baring Almost All

It’s no secret that Wayne Gretzky’s daughter Paulina Gretzky knows how to turn heads, whether it be at an event or on social media. But this time, Paulina is shocking fans with not only a steamy bikini photo but by unveiling a never-before-seen tattoo!

On Feb 21, Gretzky shared a series of photos from her island getaway, and she’s glowing head-to-toe. From scenic shots of the island to super stunning pics, Paulina is giving fans all the details of her trip, including cluing fans in on that subtle tattoo!

See the photo below:

Paulina Gretzky’s IG Story.

In the photo, we see Paulina showing off her sunkissed physique in a tiny, sparkling gray bikini while giving fans a full behind shot that shows off her script tattoo. While we can’t tell what it means, we’re sure it’s something she adores!

Along with the ink she shared, Paulina also has the tattoo of the number “99” on her left hip, subtly honoring her father’s jersey number.

While the model, actress, and mama is known for having such a lively, dynamic Instagram presence, she’s also beloved for being a confident goddess. In an archived Maxim issue per People, Paulina talked about the backlash she receives for posting these confident swimsuit pics. “Some people gave me such a hard time for posting all these swimsuit pics on Twitter. I’m sorry I’m not posting pictures when I’m reading a book. I feel like social media is supposed to be for fun,” she said. “To share what you’re doing when you’re enjoying life.”

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