Watch Lance Reddick’s Best Performances

The actor, who died on Friday, brought gravitas to series like “The Wire” and “Bosch,” but he also subverted his image in comic roles. Here’s how to stream his most memorable work.

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By Jennifer Vineyard

Lance Reddick, who died on Friday at age 60, had an arresting screen presence, and not just because he had a tendency to play formidable law enforcement figures.

His commanding bearing and gruff baritone voice imbued his characters with gravitas and authority, but he also seemed to enjoy playing against the ultraserious types for which he was known. He specialized in men of mystery, adding ambiguity to his characters’ motives in roles both brief, like a creepy guest appearance on “Lost,” and more expansive, like his morally gray police chiefs in “The Wire,” “Bosch” and “Resident Evil.”

Here are some of Reddick’s career highlights and how to watch them.

‘The Wire’

Reddick’s breakthrough role came in 2002 with the role of Cedric Daniels, who began the critically acclaimed HBO series as a principled but ambitious lieutenant in the narcotics unit of the Baltimore Police Department.

According to “All the Pieces Matter: The Inside Story of The Wire,” by Jonathan Abrams, Reddick was almost cast as the addict-turned-informant Bubbles because he resembled the person whom the character was based on — more so than Andre Royo, who ultimately won the part. Reddick had previously played addicts in “The Corner” and “Oz,” and Bubbles might have set him on an entirely different typecasting trajectory — away from the law enforcement and authority figure roles he started accumulating.

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