'Veronica Mars' Gets Off to a Slow Start, But Is Worth the Wait: Review

If you came for Veronica and Keith Mars’ banter or for the latest developments in the LoVe relationship, the revival is for you. In fact, those two relationships are the strongest part of the eight new episodes of Veronica Mars.

However, the case that the season centers around — a Spring Break serial killer in Neptune — is extremely convoluted and complex, almost to a fault. The twists and turns, which include both beloved returning characters and new faces viewers will 100 percent fall in love with, are entertaining, but at times, take too much thought.

The plot lines distract from the relationships, which have always been the strongest part of the franchise. While the journey of Veronica and Keith trying to figure out who’s behind the bombing is quite a fun trip, the details often get in the way.

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