VERDY Unveils a Playful VISTY Character Plush Toy

After teaming up with the global Dover Street Market retail locations for collaborative tees and hoodies and été for a Christmas-ready gift set, VERDY is switching gears and taking a moment to unveil his latest VISTY character plush toy. The playful collectible is made to honor his solo “RISE ABOVE” exhibition in Tokyo.

The unique and monstrous character gets brought to life with various adventurous color schemes and materials. The furry head, arms and legs are all treated with a sage green and come accented with pink and blue atop the ears and the belly. Pastel hits also get ushered in here as the cute and smiley mouth is done up in a pale yellow hue while the eyelids and nose are treated with a soft pink hue. Other details to call out include the bold orange eyes and the metallic silver claws that poke out from the legs and arms. Additionally, a bright blue VERDY banner is attached to the back.

The original new character VISTY plush toys will be dropping via lottery on December 9 — the last day of the “RISE ABOVE” exhibition which is currently showing at the Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Tokyo.

You can also check out a closer look at the art exhibit here.
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