Unofficial Xbox wrap-up shares your gaming stats for 2022

In lieu of any official recap app or feature from Microsoft, another website has put together their own Xbox wrap-up for fans.

Whenever a new year approaches, people love to reminisce and reflect on the past 12 months; to look back on all the things they experienced. Something that’s conveniently provided by the likes of Spotify Wrapped, which does all the remembering for you.

Both Sony and Nintendo offer their own yearly wrap-ups where, by syncing your respective accounts, an algorithm determines your personal gaming stats across everything you played on their platforms in 2022.

Strangely, Microsoft is the outlier and hasn’t offered its own alternative for Xbox users. So, another website has gone to the trouble to make an unofficial one.

Simply titled My Year on Xbox, it’s nothing as detailed as what Sony and Nintendo are doing, but you do get a nice graphic that highlights your total playtime across all Xbox games, how many you’ve played, your gamer score, and how many achievements you’ve earned.

It also spotlights whichever Xbox game you’ve played the most this year, as well as precisely how many hours you’ve spent with it and how much of it you’ve completed.

Anyone who’s interested can head over to TrueAchievements and log into the website using your Xbox account. Then you can easily share your results on social media.

There’s clearly a demand for it, with TrueAchievements revealing that more than 20,000 new users registered with the website in the space of 24 hours. Why Microsoft never launched such a feature itself will likely remain a mystery.

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