UNIQLO's Recycling Program Is Giving Customers Digital Cash Coupons in Exchange for Used Clothes

Last Tear, UNIQLO Japan launched its Re.UNIQLO recycling program for a 100% recycled down jacket. This time around, the imprint is collecting old Heat Tech shirts, down jackets, or vests in exchange for digital coupons.

Clothing that’s in good condition will be sent to charities, non-profit organizations and UNHCR, while those that are unwearable will be recycled into new pieces. $2 USD (¥200 JPY) will be given for each Heat Tech item and $9 USD (¥1,000 JPY) per down-based item (jackets or vests) — scarves and blankets are excluded from the program. The digital vouchers offered by the company will last until February 28, 2022, for any items in-store or online.

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