U.K. To Receive a Permanent Gallery Space Dedicated to Immersive Art

From Van Gogh to the Sistine Chapel, immersive art events have shown to be one of the big crazes over the past year. So much so, that the U.K. will soon get its own permanent gallery dedicated specifically to the field this coming spring.

Housed in the Coventry Evening Telegraph newspaper’s former building, The Reel Store is a 8,610-square-foot space built with a spatially adaptive sound system and 14 intricate 4K laser projectors for large-scale projection mapping. The first exhibition at the new gallery will showcase the mind-bending machine learning art of Refik Anadol.

One of the artworks, titled Machine Memoirs: Space, showcases two million publicly available photographs that were taken by various NASA satellites and telescopes, which are then digitally reinterpreted by the Turkish artist. The exhibition “invites us to dream of an alternative universe where machines collaborate with humans to speculate our existence and create an alternative future,” Anadol said in a statement.

The Reel Store will be located in Coventry, which was named as this year’s U.K. City of Culture. The space will open its doors in April 2022.

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