Tyler, The Creator Lists His Top 6 Jay-Z Songs

Spotify Urban Music Head Carl Cherry had the chance to catch up with Tyler, the Creator at the artist’s recent Golf Le Fleur pop-up.

As Jay-Z recently celebrated his 52nd birthday over the weekend, Cherry asked Tyler to name his top five songs from Hov off the top to which Tyler responded without hesitation. For his last song, Tyler chose Show You How, explaining, “that last verse showed a lot of perspective to me as a kid, so that’s six so I’m done.” As Tyler went one song over, Cherry asked him if he wanted to take Funk Flex Grammy Family Freestyle off the list to which Tyler responded “No! No! “C’mon now, that song is crazy!”

Take a look at the full unordered list and interview video below.

1. Fuck All Nite
2. Excuse Me Miss
3. Funk Flex Grammy Family Freestyle
4. Allure
5. Do It Again
6. Show You How

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