This Fried Chicken is Actually Ice Cream

After everything became cake on social media, we are continuing to get tricked by food. Life Raft Treats by celebrated pastry chef, Chef Cynthia Wong, is now offering fried chicken that is actually ice cream.

The “Not Fried Chicken” Ice Cream Bars come in 9-Piece and 10-Piece buckets and really replicate the fried classic both inside and out. Made with high-quality locally-farmed dairy, eggs, and other ingredients, the drumstick shape is made with waffle ice cream coated with white chocolate and crushed corn flakes, also hidden in the center is a chocolate-covered cookie “bone.” Together the frozen treat is a crispy, crunchy, creamy, salty and sweet flavor and texture experience.

Priced at $99 and $149 USD, Life Raft Treat’s “Not Fried Chicken” Ice Cream Bars are now available in 9-Piece and 10-Piece buckets on GoldBelly.

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