The Fourth 'TimeSplitters' Game Is Finally Happening

After 16 years, TimeSplitter fans are finally getting the long-awaited fourth installment of the first-person shooter franchise.

Originally launched back in 2000, the original TimeSplitters became a cult classic for PlayStation 2 players, debuting as a launch title for the then-revolutionary console. Two sequels followed shortly in 2002 and 2005, and in 2007, Free Radical Design announced its plans to develop a fourth title in the franchise, but Crytek’s acquisition of the studio in 2008 left the game in limbo for all these years. Luckily, Deep Silver, which subsequently purchased the rights to TimeSplitters, has now decided to revive Free Radical Design, bringing back many of the original developers to work on a fourth installment.

“You asked and we listened,” Deep Silver wrote in an announcement on Twitter. “We have been working on plans to bring the TimeSplitters franchise back to life, and are pleased to let you know that we are setting up a new Deep Silver development studio to do just that. Free Radical Design is reforming and will be headed up by industry and TimeSplitters veterans, Steve Ellis and David Doak.”

Of course, development is still at an early stage for now, so fans of the franchise should stay tuned for more updates to come.

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