Tenga Releases Chocolate Versions of Its Sex Toy Cup

Japanese adult toy company Tenga is getting in on the giri choco action with the release of three chocolate flavors packaged in its signature masturbatory cup container.

Coming in the flavors Crunchy Sicilian Lemon, Crunchy Strawberry, and Crunchy Dark Chocolate, each chocolate is shaped into the cup style of adult toy with eight chocolates per container. On top of this limited-time Valentine’s Day release, Tenga is also giving fans the opportunity to win a chocolate version of its infamous 4kg Tenga Workout Gear sleeve. Those interested in entering for a chance to win the large piece of chocolate can head over to the contest page, and for those looking to pick up some mini flavored chocolates, they can be purchased over at Tenga for a price of ¥1,620 JPY (approximately $15.50 USD).

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