Sundae School's Spring 2021 Collection Is a Love Letter To Seoul, South Korea

After leaving sunny Los Angeles last fall for Seoul, a city that maintained a relative level of normalcy amidst the pandemic, the design team behind Sundae School put together its Spring 2021 collection as a love letter to the South Korean capital. While readjusting to life in Seoul, New York-based co-founders Dae Lim and Mia Park quickly found beauty in the city. Noting that they found “solace in the pine trees and the smell of broiling Kimchi that wafted through the narrow alleyways as we strolled outside” with their masks on.

Titled “향기를 뿜는다 (The Scent Exudes),” the seasonal range was developed in close collaboration with Gangmin Kim of Someone Life. Fusing elements of traditional Korean garments with modern workwear, Sundae School looked to faithfully capture the warmth of home and the crispness of spring air through texture. Outerwear found throughout the collection highlights the custom fabric developed by the label, colored through hand-dying with traditional Korean materials such as Gardenia (치자). Aside from street-leaning wares and reimagined staples, standouts include the double-layered Jeogori MA-1 bomber, workwear jacket reimagined with Jeogori cuts and patchwork monk coat.

Check out the lookbook above and shop the Spring 2021 “향기를 뿜는다 (The Scent Exudes)” collection on Sundae School’s website now.

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