Space Billionaires Are the Butt of the Joke in Jon Stewart's Apple TV+ Show Trailer

Jon Stewart took to Twitter to share a new teaser trailer of his upcoming Apple TV+ show, The Problem with Jon Stewart. The three-minute and ten seconds clips feature a comedy skit that appears to completely roast the most recent billionaire space race.

The skit took form as a faux movie trailer that casts Jason Alexander as Jeff Bezos, Tracy Morgan as Bezos’ diverse friend, Adam Pally as Elon Musk, a stray cat as Mark Zuckerberg and a mop as Virgin Group’s Sir Richard Branson. The trailer also features an abundance of penis jokes, seemingly poking fun at the shape of Bezos’ vehicle penetrating through space.

Last October, the show was reported to be an hour-long series that gives an in-depth look at one specific topic per episode including discussing issues that are currently a part of national conversations. Stewart is set to executive produce the show, which is also supposed to feature an accompanying podcast that further dives into each topic.

Apple has not yet confirmed how many episodes the debut in September will include, nor how many seasons it is set to run.

In other entertainment news, John Wick prequel The Continental announced to be a three-part event series.
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