Scout Willis Reminds Everyone She's a Dewy Goddess in This Rare No-Makeup Selfie

Demi Moore’s superstar daughter Scout Willis is redefining the term “cozying up this season” with a no-makeup, stunning selfie of her wrapped in warm attire.

On Nov 1, Willis unloaded the elaborate silver costume we all adored and opted to post a bare-faced selfie on her Instagram story. She uploaded the photo with the caption, “Now back to our regularly scheduled programming of me being cute and dewy… in my handmade @lacalacastuff hat no less.”

In the photo, we see Willis looking like a glowing, dewy goddess in this no-makeup selfie, with her bright eyes shining and rocking the coziest cold weather outfit. Her hair is up in a bun in her hat, which looks just as cozy and soft as her navy sweater. Both comfy and dewy? We love to see it.

Whether it be an elaborate costume for her music videos or a no-makeup pic, Willis always knows how to turn heads on her Instagram timeline.

In a previous interview with Elle back in 2014, Willis talked about how she admires artists like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, who stay confident doing whatever they want. “I grew up in the [Hollywood] culture, and it’s always been weird. But lately, celebrity has gotten pushed to a place of such absurdity because of the way we can consume images 24/7. So the cool thing is that now it’s become a kind of performance art, where certain celebrities—especially young women—are taking ownership of the invasiveness that comes with fame, and they’re turning it on its head.

She added, “Rihanna’s a good example. She’s like, ‘I’m gonna do whatever I want,’ and that’s cool.”

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