Reigning Champ Taps Everlast For a Limited-Edition White-Out Capsule

Atheltic wear designer Reigning Champ has now tapped boxing expert Everlast for a limited-edition capsule.

Featuring two separate pieces of gear, the new capsule includes a pair of boxing gloves and a heavy punching bag. The gloves measure in at 16oz perfect for training and are constructed with full-grain leather with ventilated palms to keep you dry while the heavy bag weighs in at 100lb to give you some impact response. It’s also made from the same white full-grain leather and is topped with heavy-duty nylon straps up top for you to secure onto your ceiling via robust D-rings.

For those interested, both the boxing gloves and 100lb heavy bag are now available over at Reigning Champ’s website for $200 USD and 550 USD respectively.

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