'Power Over It' Series Is for Every Petrol Head, Anime Freak and Hardcore Gamer Out There

New series Power Over It has just aired its first episode, starring model and content creator Sara Choi. The YouTube show promises to deliver across a multitude of angles, including car culture, anime, gaming, and overall pop cultural references throughout.

In the first episode, running a little over 15 mins, Sara introduces us to the project car of the series – a heavily used, soon-to-be-gutted Mazda RX-7 FD, which the producers plan to completely transform into a drift car for the duration of the nine-episode series. What differentiates this approach is the education infused within each episode, as Sara and shop owner Daniel Kuo of Garage Life in Upland, CA go through the process of what they’ll be doing to the car step-by-step.

Alongside the car technicals, another segment is with the host being given tips and advice on how to drift like a professional. Pro Formula Drift driver Ken Gushi goes in-depth on how to tackle specific drift challenges, even going as far as coaching Sara on how to approach Turn 1 at Apple Valley Speedway, as well as challenging Sara on being consistent with a counter-clockwise obstacle drift.

Check out episode 1 of Power Over It and stay tuned for more episodes. For more in in-depth car culture, read our first entry of DRIVERS, where we interview Ryo Ishikawa of Fxxking Rabbits and his Porsche 964 Turbo.
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