Penélope Cruz’s 'Vogue Spain' Cover Shoot Proves She’s in Her Most Confident Era Yet

Penélope Cruz‘s Vogue Spain cover shows how dynamic and glamorous the Oscar-winning star is. On Aug 25, Cruz gave fans a glimpse into her recent Vogue Spain cover shoot, and wow, we’re seeing the star in her most confident era yet. Cruz uploaded the first snapshot with a long caption, thanking everyone on the set for helping her achieve her edgy look on the cover shoot. You can see the photo HERE.

In the photo, we see Cruz rocking a black latex bodysuit, a flannel jacket, chunky jewelry, and a long braid that’s giving us Fiona from the first movie of Shrek vibes (we all wanted that braid, to be honest!) She looks so confident, radiant, and like she knows she’s the coolest gal on the block.

In the next snapshot, we see a more sporty look from the Vicky Christina Barcelona star. She’s wearing a sporty, reddish romper and a sports cap in the photo that’s captioned, “@voguespain @nedrogers #enlosmárgenes.” You can see the photo HERE.

And in the last Vogue Spain cover photo, we see her dressed in head-to-toe black, from the sheer bodysuit to the futuristic pumps. She uploaded it with the same caption, and everyone was in awe of the beautiful Oscar-winning star. See the last photo HERE!

In a previous interview with Hola, she revealed she gets “uncomfortable” being called beautiful because she doesn’t think of herself that way. She detailed her grueling road to self-confidence and how growing up, she had very little. But that’s changed over time.

“I’m not so good at it because I’m a very nurturing person by nature, I have to keep reminding myself to also create time for myself. It’s not something that comes to me naturally, I tend to do the opposite, but I’m working on it,” she said in another interview with Red. “Feeling good is not about getting your hair and make-up done. It’s about being healthy, strong, feeling nourished, and giving your body and mind what it needs.”

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