Paulina Porizkova Shares Stunning Naked Photos from Cover Shoot Without the Airbrushing

Paulina Porizkova is 56 years old and looking and feeling fabulous. What has been so inspiring about the supermodel embracing her age is that she’s empowering other women to do the same. Sure, she is genetically blessed, but the message she is sending is getting through to a lot of her followers.

Porizkova shared a behind-the-scenes video from her recent Los Angeles Magazine cover shoot on her Instagram page. (See the video here.) She’s wearing skimpy, black bikini bottoms, a gold chain and a tuxedo jacket with nothing on under it while dancing to the Bee Gees classic hit, “Staying Alive.” With her hair whipping back from the fan blowing on her — you can tell she loves how she looks in the moment and we love seeing it. She called it a “fun, relaxed shoot” with photographer Jill Greenberg in the caption and shared that “it always helps to be photographed by a woman when you’re at your most vulnerable- whether physically or emotionally naked.”

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The supermodel also made sure to share the unretouched naked photo from the cover so that everyone could see what she looks like without all of the airbrushing. She wanted her followers to see the “real” her in the studio that day. “No, I dont walk along around looking this fab on a normal day,” she wrote. “This look took two hours of professional make up and hair. And body makeup. And excellent lighting by an talented photographer.” Porizkova explains all that work that goes into a photo shoot results in “me looking my best- with no retouching and no filters and no anything else.”

It’s helpful when celebrities like Porizkova are transparent about airbrushing and retouching because it allows regular people like us to see that we all have flaws. The fashion and Hollywood standard of erasing every single wrinkle and curve is ridiculous because aging is something to be proud of — our bodies have given us the privilege to be here and we should be celebrating it.

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