Paulina Porizkova Looks Like a Goddess While She’s Nude & ‘Living It up’ in Paris

Paulina Porizkova looks like an ethereal being in her new, gorgeous nude photo. On June 18, Porizkova shared a gorgeous and glamorous shot of herself enjoying life to the fullest in a huge bathtub. She posted the nude photo with the caption, “bathtub in the Brach hotel was a highlight of parking my butt in comfort at the end of each magical day.”

She added more highlights to her Parisian trip: “(Ok, besides my pretty room decorated in earth tones and African art, the two delicious restaurants, and the giant lap pool and gym in the basement, and the unbelievable rooftop planted with herbs, containing live chickens and a hot tub I overlooking the Eiffel Tower.)”

“After a long day of shooting and makeup and dinners with friends old and new and all the bike riding I’ve been doing with my friend and agent @mirosimonic,” she added. “Nothing is better than to get back to a nice warm bath before snuggling into crisp white sheets.”

She ended the post by saying, “This lady has been living it up! I’m infinitely grateful to @emmanuelsauvage and the @brachparis hotel for such a memorable experience. #betweenjloandbettywhite #brachparis #nicetub Photo @etiennebaret.”

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In the breathtaking photo, we see a smiling Porizkova chilling naked in an oversized bathtub. Her gray hair is shining in the light and she truly looks ethereal during her Paris trip. And we love that she’s living her best life on her trip!

Porizkova has been a role model for thousands of women because of her breaking barriers surrounding ageism. If you’re a fan, you may have noticed that she frequently uses the hashtag #betweenjloandbettywhite. In case you don’t know why she uses it, there’s a powerful reason behind it.

In a 2020 interview with CBS This Morning per Closer Weekly, Porizkova said, “We have, like, a weird period between, you’re [Jennifer Lopez] looking fabulous and then Betty White. And there’s kind of like a dead zone between the two. So, I’m trying to fill that dead zone!”

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