NYC Bagel Shops Are Facing a Cream Cheese Shortage

An impending cream cheese shortage has become a major concern amongst bagel shops in New York City, due to supply chain issues.

As a quintessential item to schmear on bagels, the cream cheese supply is now a looming issue for many in NYC. Just another item potentially facing a shortage as supply chain issues continue to plague the nation, in the past few months limited supply problems have severely affected the tech, automotive, footwear and other sectors.

As reported by The New York Times, local bagel sellers go through thousands of pounds of cream cheese in weeks — with the unprocessed and unwhipped raw base used by shops to come up with different flavors. Without the base, one store manager said that the spreads won’t taste or feel the same and customers will notice.

Nick Patta from Absolute Bagels stated that his usual supplier had run out of cream cheese. “We went this week and the shelves were empty,” he said. Noting that without its signature spread, several customers at the store would be less likely to order a bagel if cream cheese ran out of stock.

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