nonnative and halfTen Mix Active and Daily Wear

nonnative has presented a collaboration with halfTen, a new line launched by New Zealand sportswear label Canterbury. The new label mixes Canterbury’s 100 year heritage with modern design touches, particularly focusing on innovative sports materials. Celebrating the label’s history, the name halfTen is derived from the fly half position in rugby, and its traditional number 10 jersey.

Celebrating the launch of halfTen, this collaboration mixes the world’s of active wear and daily wear, focusing on the quick-drying properties of athletic materials. Additionally, all of the items are designed to give maximum mobility, while the SmartSeam fabric guarantees comfort. These technical fabrics are used across pullovers, shorts, and accessories, while the collection also introduces the Moc Trainer in cow suede. All of the pieces arrive in navy, black or khaki.

Take a look through the collaboration in the gallery above. The nonnative x halfTen collection is available now from the Coverchord web store.

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