New Study Reveals Which American State Has the Most Expensive Pizza

If there is one thing for certain, America is without a doubt a pizza-loving country. After it was introduced in the U.S. 75 years ago, the ever-popular pie became a staple for late-night food, study fuel or the most indulgent of meals. From Lombardi’s in NYC as America’s first pizzeria to the generation of frozen home pizzas, the phenomenon quickly became a billion-dollar industry by the 1980s.

Expensivity recently compiled several lists showcasing where Americans can find the cheapest and most expensive pizzas across the nation. For instance, the cheapest cheese pizza can be found in North Dakota for just $6.64 USD whereas the most expensive cheese pizza is located in Alaska for $9.21 USD. The study also shows that there is an “expensive pizza belt” around the middle of America from Montana to Oklahoma and back up to Maine for the highest-priced plain pizza.

Oklahoma also appears to be home to America’s priciest pepperoni pizza with an average price of $15.56 USD. The midwest continues to be a sore spot for pepperoni pizza lovers, with Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska ranking in the top ten for priciest pizzas. The study also shows which state would has the most number of pizzerias. Though the smallest American state, Rhode Island comes out on top with 37.3 pizza joints for every 100,000 residents.

For those looking for the city with the cheapest pepperoni pizza, Virginia Beach is where you should look.

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