New Details Surrounding DMX's Unreleased Gospel Album Has Surfaced

In 2008, DMX recorded a gospel album that was never released as the late rapper intended. The double album, titled Walk With Me Now And You’ll Fly With Me Later, was recorded in the late 2000s when DMX was living in Arizona.

While the mixtape was never released, half of the record was supposed to feature hip-hop tracks while the other would be made up of gospel titles. Rolling Stone recently reported that the majority of the gospel songs on the album were actually recorded in one night. Producer Divine Bars told the publication that it was difficult trying to get DMX to record the album. Instead, DMX would go to the bathroom and smoke crack before getting Gallo to play the late rapper a beat. He was then able to immediately write the song in one take before repeating the process again. In the interview, Gallo also discussed DMX’s drug use and felt that he had a hand in enabling the rapper.

DMX died on April 9, 2021 due to a cocaine-induced heart attack.

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