Netflix’s new thriller series spins a twisted tale about dating apps and serial killers

Netflix’s Somebody – a chilling new psychological thriller series about a serial killer who uses a dating app to find his targets – looks guaranteed to keep us awake long after the credits roll… 

When the world grows colder and the nights longer and darker, there’s nothing we love more than snuggling up on the sofa with a spine-tingling psychological thriller series. And, as ever, Netflix is delivering the goods this month with Somebody, a new K-drama based on American Psycho.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new series.

What’s Somebody about?

Serial killers, dating apps and a software developer who unwittingly finds herself drawn into a murder investigation? Oh my!

The new psychological thriller promises to be a bone-jangling affair.

As per the official synopsis, this eight-episode series follows Som, the developer of the popular dating app Somebody. When a serial killer begins using her app to target their victims, Som is drafted into the murder investigation – all the while falling into an intense romantic relationship with the mysterious (and oddly unsettling) Yoon-o.

“Do you know what my hobby is?” he asks ominously in the trailer (and, just in case we hadn’t guessed, the scene cuts to him strangling another woman in cold blood).

“I know,” replies Som.

Watch the trailer for Somebody below:

Curiouser and curiouser, eh?

Who stars in Somebody?

Netflix’s Somebody sees Kang Hae-lim take on the complex character of Som, while On Your Wedding Day star Kim Young-kwang will tackle the role of Yoon-o.

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They are joined by Kim Yong-ji and newcomer Kim Soo-yeon, who will portray Som’s close friends Mok-won and Ki-eun.

Who is the showrunner on Somebody?

The series is directed by Jung Ji-woo, who is best known for Eun-gyo, Happy End and Heart Blackened.

When can we stream Somebody on Netflix?

All eight episodes of Netflix’s Somebody will debut on the streaming platform on 18 November.

Will you be watching?

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