Netflix Crafts 'Sweet Home' Steroid Monster and Blind Monster Candles

With Sweet Home rising to the top of Netflix‘s original programming lineup, the streaming service has put together a set of candles for fans of the South Korean apocalyptic horror series.

Netflix’s South Korean division looked to pay homage to the monsters that helped the adaptation of Kim Kan-bi and Hwang Young-chan’s Naver webtoon of the same name trend in 190 countries. The crafted candles serve as accurate representations of both the Steroid Monster (Beefcake/The Beef) and Blind Monster (Lotus Root Monster) of the Green Roof Apartments.

Celebrating the popularity of Sweet Home, Netflix Korea is giving away the limited set of candles to 10 lucky fans with a special box. Winners will be chosen from the pool of comments on the Instagram post that revealed the monstrous home goods.

Check out the Sweet Home Steroid Monster and Blind Monster candles above and catch Netflix Korea’s Instagram post below.

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