Maserati's Compact Grecale SUV Will Be the Brand's First All-Electric Car

Italian luxury automaker Maserati has debuted its second-ever SUV, the Grecale, which will arrive in several powertrains including an all-electric version coming in 2023.

The vehicle marks an early step in Maserati’s mission to transition into a fully-electric brand by 2030. Meanwhile, all Maserati models will be available in electric versions by 2025, according to brand executives via CNN.

The launch Grecale range will be available this year with a high-performance V6 engine — similar to that found in its MC20 supercar — producing 530 HP to become the most dynamic of the mid-sized SUV line-up. A four-cylinder engine with a mild-hybrid system will also be on offer ahead of the all-electric Grecale Folgore’s arrival next year.

The electric Grecale, which will arrive with a 400-volt architecture, will land on its own EV platform as opposed to any parent company Stellantis platforms, according to executives. On the exterior, the vehicle’s front grille employs the signature Maserati trident logo, and the Folgore iconography is slated to appear on the front wing of the driver’s side. Meanwhile, boomerang taillights inspired by the Giugiaro 3200 GT align with the vehicle’s trapezoidal lines.

Inside, the vehicle is equipped with a 360-degree sound system, courtesy of a Sonus faber audio system with 3D sound and up to 21 speakers. Additionally, a new 12.3-inch central screen, the largest ever in a Maserati, meets a smaller 8.8-inch comfort display with extra controls and a digital clock, the latter being another way Maserati continues to step into the future while recognizing its past. Likewise, interior door handles have been replaced with buttons, amping up Maserati’s technological focus.

The Maserati Grecale marks another sector the automaker is stepping into, and this particular car is positioned to be a big hit for the brand — think of its as Maserati’s Porsche Macan or a rival to sportier editions of the BMW X4. Take a closer look at the new model above.

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