Mark Hamill Hits Trump With A Monstrous Coronavirus Comparison

“Star Wars” icon Mark Hamill is calling out Donald Trump’s constant need to praise himself amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. And he’s done it by comparing the president unfavorably to a monster from a classic horror flick. 

On Thursday, Trump bragged about the TV viewership of his news conferences concerning the pandemic that has so far claimed nearly 15,000 American lives.  Responding to a highly critical editorial by The Wall Street Journal, Trump tweeted: 

Trump has bragged about his ratings during the pandemic before, and has repeatedly praised his own performance. Earlier this week, Mediaite documented 116 examples of Trump’s self-congratulatory rhetoric during the crisis. 

On Thursday, Hamill compared Trump to the monster in the 1982 John Carpenter horror classic “The Thing,” which can shift form and mimic humans. Except according to Hamill, the monster did it better: 

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