Man slammed for telling women to ‘listen to Mother Nature and have babies young’

The internet is full of people offering advice – some of it is helpful and some of it is just plain unnecessary.

One place where people really love to tell others what to do is on Twitter , where this week a man has been sharing a few unwanted words of wisdom on fertility.

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, took to the social media platform to encourage women to "listen to Mother Nature".

In a post which has now gone viral, he explains that he thinks women should "get married young, have babies" and then start worrying about their career.

And it's fair to say his message wasn't received very well.

His full tweet reads: "Ladies, by the time you are 30, 90 percent of your eggs are dead.

"Get married young, have your babies, THEN have your career. You have 40 years to work if you want to, you only have a short time to have children.

"Listen to Mother Nature – she loves you and wants you to be happy."

Over 3,000 people retweeted the post, but more than 11,000 commented on it to share their thoughts.

Unsurprisingly many were unimpressed by the whole thing.

One person said: "This is such interesting advice from a man who doesn't have a vagina."

Another replied: "Aside from the mind numbing advice that women should have children by 30 you also advise women to get married early. Yeah, great advice. Marry young, have a couple of kids, probably get divorced, be a single mother and then try and have a career. Perfect."

A third wrote: "Dear Stefan, never address ‘ladies’ again, you sound like a lonely farmer, talking to livestock . Women can do what the f*** they want, including never having babies at all."

"Women are not incubators. Thanks," proclaimed a fourth user.

Someone else added: "Hi Stefan. I'm 29. I LOVE kids and can't wait to have my own. But how DARE you convince me that I should do this at a time that will produce a child who can't be properly cared for. How dare you try to create another statistic out of my future children."

A sixth commented: "My eggs just threw up and want you to never speak of them again. And that’s not even scientifically accurate."

However not everyone was in disagreement with him, a few people were shocked by the backlash and supported his comments.

"People sure do get p***ed off about some friendly advice," remarked one user.

Another took things one step further and advised women not to worry about working at all:  "Or you know just have good husbands and lower taxes and then not have to work. Just a thought."

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