Lomex NYC Assembles Three Decades Worth of H.R. Giger’s Works

Lomex Gallery in New York City is now housing three decades’ worth of works by the late great Swiss artist Hans Ruedi “H.R.” Giger making it the largest exhibition of his array of art to date. Throughout his career, the Surrealist master created a multitude of pieces that ranged from paintings to sculptures which significantly pushed beyond the boundaries of the art world and served as inspiration for films, video games, music and more.

Giger was highly known for his biomechanical style which blends the human form with that of machines to create new characteristic subjects structuring a nightmarish mythological realm. These creatures were highly popularized through the film Alien by Ridley Scott followed by a number of video games and animations influenced by the same bodies. With a neutral color palette, Giger structured a dark world heavy on violent technological aspects drawn from the city of New York and its muggy reality.

The “New York City” series showcased in 1980 is a prime example of his view of a steel skyline displaying an airbrush quality to give it a life-like photographic appearance. In the same year, Giger collaborated with the likes of Debbie Harry on the Kookoo album cover and visuals which were the first of many joint efforts spanning from music genres such as punk rock, techno and metal. His name reached the depths of NYC’s nightlife when he designed the VIP room of The Limelight — Peter Gatien’s Hell’s Kitchen club — which eventually closed down in 2002. The famed Harkonnen Chair housed in the VIP room was initially designed for the movie Dune.

Lomex Gallery looks to honor the artist’s life’s work through the extensive collection due to the lack of acknowledgment within contemporary art history despite his substantial influence. The “HRGNYC” is now on view until March 12.

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Lomex Gallery
86 Walker St # 3,
New York, NY 10013
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