'League of Legends' Previews Seven New Character Skins

Gearing up to launch its 2021 season on January 8, League of Legends has now offered fans a quick preview of seven new character skins arriving soon to its Public Beta Environment.

The new skins span across seven different champions and are split into two sets: Ruined and Shan Hai. The former comes with a dark, enigmatic aesthetic and covers Karma, Draven and Shyvana, while the latter set takes on more vibrant, fiery characteristics with traditional Eastern elements and are available for Cho’Gath, Nautilus, Neeko and Jhin.

As usual, the new skins will first be available for players to test out on the game’s Public Beta Environment, before receiving a general release for those playing the full game to purchase.

There’s currently no official release date from Riot for the seven new skins, so fans of League of Legends should definitely be on the lookout for more updates from the developer.

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