Lay's Unveils Three New Flavors for This Summer

Frito-Lay has pulled back the curtains on three limited-edition Lay’s flavors that will be hitting shelves as next week.

These new flavors are called “Chile Mango,” “Wavy Jerk Chicken” and “Summer BLT.” The former has been given a tropical summer taste, livened up by notes of mango and spice and tang of chile peppers. “Wavy Jerk Chicken” features a bold spicy, sweet and smoky jerk flavor that “brings a little island flavor to your backyard.” Finally, “Summer BLT” channels the taste of the summertime picnic sandwich with the crispness of lettuce, tomato and bacon flavors.

Frito-Lay’s new Lay’s flavors will be available starting next week at major retailers nationwide for approximately $3.80 USD.

In case you missed it, Lay’s has introduced Doritos Cool Ranch-flavored chips.
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