Kevin Hart's Latest Comedy Special 'Zero Fucks Given' Takes Place in His Own Living Room

Kevin Hart is back again with another Netflix comedy special, this time hosting a stand up show in the comfort of his own living room.

Titled Zero Fucks Given, Hart explains to a small audience in a fresh trailer why he decided to run the show at home instead of renting out large stadiums or arenas. “I want to explain to you guys why I’m actually in my house,” he says. “I’m no longer comfortable anywhere but my house. I’m in my fucking comfort zone, I’m going to let it fly today. Everything I fucking feel, I’m going to say it.” The trailer goes on to showcase some of the topics Hart addresses, including his own cheating scandal, his wife and kids, his level of fame, cancel culture, and America’s approach on the coronavirus pandemic.

Hart’s Zero Fucks Given will arrive on Netflix November 17.

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