Joe Taslim Teases Details of Potential 'Mortal Kombat' Sequel and Sub-Zero Prequel

Mortal Kombat star Joe Taslim has revealed plans of a potential franchise sequel and Sub-Zero prequel in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

SPOILER ALERT: Since the titular assassin met his demise in Simon McQuoid’s franchise relaunch, no one has ever gone into the Mortal Kombat universe looking to resurrect Sub-Zero into Noob Saibot. Taslim reveals to The Hollywood Reporter, “Yes, that’s the next transformation of the character. If the fans want this franchise to continue, then there’s a strong chance that the next step for Bi-Han is to play Noob Saibot. Fingers crossed, but I hope it happens because I definitely want to play that character.”

Though a sequel to Mortal Kombat is tempting, Taslim prefers a Sub-Zero prequel to further explore Bi-Han’s tragic past. Taslim comments on the potential plotline stating, “The most interesting path, in my opinion, is to do a prequel. It would be a story about Bi-Han and his training in the Lin Kuei. When he got abducted by the Lin Kuei, his parents were killed. So it would be the process of him and his brother becoming assassins…We would get to see two future Sub-Zeros in one movie, and that would be intriguing.”

In addition to revealing his hope for a Sub-Zero prequel, Taslim also discussed why he wants to shed the reputation of an “action actor”. Taslim hopes that audiences will see through the labels and is looking to branch out to other genres. Taslim said, “A lot of people know me as an action actor, but I’ve always considered myself an actor…So if I see a script that has the perfect balance of story and action, then I want to try to change this perception that “action is less artistic” compared to other genres. That’s my dream.”

Mortal Kombat is currently available in select theaters nationwide as well as on HBO Max.

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