Games Workshop Is Launching Its Own 'Warhammer' Streaming Service

Answering popular demand for animated content revolving around the Warhammer universe, table-top gaming company Games Workshop has finally announced the launch of its very own streaming service, aptly named Warhammer Plus.

According to the announcement, the upcoming streaming platform will offer fans of both Warhammer 40K and the old school Warhammer Fantasy a whole range of animated series and content set across the two vast universes. The project has tapped into a host of fan artists including Richard Boylan and Syama Pederson, and will feature both 2D and 3D series. So far, 11 titles have been announced, including Angels of DeathAstartes 2Altar of Wrath, InterrogatorBlacktalon, Pariah Nexus, and Hammer and Bolter.

For fans of the franchise, Warhammer Plus is set to launch this July and will be available as an app on iOS and Android devices as well as on smart TVs, although pricing information has yet to be announced.

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