First ‘Avatar Generations’ Trailer Previews a Combat-Focused RPG

The first trailer is out for Square Enix’s free-to-play RPG, Avatar Generations. A spinoff of the iconic Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender, the game was developed in partnership with Vancouver’s Navigator Games for iOS and Android devices.

In the game, players will be able to journey across the Four Nations as some of their favorite characters from the series, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki and Zuko, as well as animal companions Appa and Momo. On the mission to fulfill Aang’s destiny, they’ll be challenged to squad-based battles and surprising new adventures.

Along the way, they’ll be able to build the ranks of their team through party customization options and the recruitment of new members. While the game will build off of the beloved world of the original Avatar show, where players can explore notable locations and reenact events from the series, it’ll also feature brand-new storylines.

Developers say that the game is designed to be “accessible to anyone who doesn’t traditionally play RPG.” Based on the trailer, it looks like the main focus will be on in-game combat, so those who prefer a more laid-back, explorative gameplay experience should keep that in mind.

Pre-registration for Avatar Generations is open now. A release date for the title has yet to be announced.

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