FIFA 23 to Add Cross-Play for the First Time

According to gaming writer Tom Henderson, FIFA 23 will be receiving a host of new updates including cross-play for PC, Playstation, and Xbox across all game modes for the very first time.

The Hypermotion technology for the game will see significant improvements, as the development team no longer relies on Xsens suits for motion capture, but instead uses stadium cameras to generate animations from advanced match footage.  The change allows the team to capture “100 times” more data in a single season than they have ever captured before.

FIFA 23 will also feature both men’s and women’s World Cups for the first time with an expansion of partnership agreements across major leagues.

While it was previously reported that EA Sports has registered a trademark for “EA Sports F.C.” and may soon terminate its partnership with FIFA,  the next FIFA 23 title looks to retain the name for at least a year. Other rumors seem to suggest that FIFA 23 and future releases may adopt a free-to-play model, though EA Sports has yet to confirm.

FIFA 23 is set to release sometime in late September. Stay tuned for more updates.

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