Epic Games Locks Out Emotes For Fortnite Dr Martin Luther King Jnr Interactive Event

Everyone from Lara Croft to Master Chief has made an appearance in Fortnite along the way, but that didn’t prepare anyone for the game’s latest interactive event surrounding the legacy of civil rights activist, Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Creating in partnership with Time, the March Through Time event offers players the chance to relive Dr King’s 17-minute “I Have a Dream” speech in a recreation of the Lincoln Memorial and National Mall called D.C. 63, created by Fortnite Creative community members.

While eight dedicated emotes are made available to players participating in the event, the use of legacy emotes, not to mention four years worth of skins from every corner of the metaverse, has attracted criticism of players being “disrespectful” during the speech. As such Epic Games has now disabled all but the eight dedicated emotes.

Certain emotes had previously proved problematic during Fortnite’s, We The People, Black Lives Matter event in 2020 leading Epic to disable these emotes ahead of this latest event.

While it might seem strange to host a virtual museum dedicated to a Nobel Peace Prize laureate on a platform that pits 100 players against each other in a fight to the death, the idea was to bring Dr King’s message to a younger audience.

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