Emotional Oranges Reflect on Their Creative Journey and LA Influences

Azad and Vali – or A and V as they like to be called – form the LA-based band, Emotional Oranges. Though the pair launched the group back in 2017, they have been a part of the music industry for some time; A as an audio engineer and V as a vocal coach, so it’s fair to say their musical expertise is far greater than many other rising artists.

In the four years that the pair has been making music, they have already been on tours and released three studio albums, with Juicebox, their most recent album dropping earlier in June. Through their bodies of work, Emotional Oranges have established a distinctive sound that emulates the LA lifestyle: feel-good and considerably soothing. As part of the DHL Fast-Track program Emotional Oranges celebrate their LA roots in a virtual performance at the renowned Capitol Studios where fans could also grab a limited-edition line of environmentally friendly merchandise that encapsulates the band’s zesty name.

We spoke to the Emotional Oranges about their burgeoning career as artists and how they are making their DHL Fast-Track debut a special tribute to their new album.

HYPEBEAST: Tell us a little bit about how and why you formed Emotional Oranges.

V: We formed Emotional Oranges from writing and producing music that we always wanted to hear. We got incredibly lucky and are grateful that people were passionate about our passion.

What individual qualities do you think you both bring to the group, and why do you continue to work so well together?

A: V is the most dexterous and imaginative performer that I have ever had the chance to work with. Vocally, she is also unmatched. People have seen glimpses of what she can do on tour, but we are really scratching the surface of what’s to come. I think fans will truly be surprised by where we take it the more we continue writing together.

As part of this DHL FAST-TRACK program you are performing a virtual show at the iconic Capitol Studios, what does that mean for you as artists?

A: For me, it is a huge thing checked off my bucket list. I grew up in LA and have been hearing about people recording at Capitol Studios for as long as I can remember. It is our first virtual show and I couldn’t have imagined that we’d have the opportunity to tell the story the way that we did thanks to DHL. We also had the opportunity to bring our latest release, The Juicebox, to life with first time performances from multiple features off of the project.

You are also releasing environmentally friendly merchandise with DHL, why do you think it’s important that music artists consider sustainability in their work?

V: We have to get better at protecting our earth. This is our space and we only have one of it. If we’re not mindful and thoughtful about how we treat our environment, we may not be able to have it much longer.

Talk to us about the digital garment, what can fans expect to receive with this?

V: This is a one-of-one piece that represents this phase of our creative journey, but also does a good job of showing where we’re going. Our fashion and products we get behind are almost as important as the music.

Fans can win our exclusive DHL FAST-TRACK digital merch online now. Winners will submit an image of themselves and we’ll digitally dress (overlay) the garment on their picture.

How has living in LA shaped your music taste and influenced your own sound?

V: LA has this vibrant and nostalgic spirit. Growing up here you got to hear really funky and soulful music that is hard not to feel good listening to. It’s hard not to want to go outside and drive down the PCH vibing to your favorite records. We are lucky that we get to live that dream every single day and hope that people hear that hopeful energy when playing our music.

The digital world has been a great tool in helping artists like yourselves connect with audiences over the past couple of years, but how does it feel to finally be able to go on tour?

V:Our DHL FAST-TRACK virtual show was a great way to connect with fans around the globe. But touring is a form of expression that isn’t really possible to recreate in any other medium. For us, it is the final level of our art. We get to bring it to life in a unique way. I think more than ever, we are not taking for granted that opportunity and our relationship with our community. These are delicate times that we live in, so we are beyond grateful to be able to get back out there.

You released The Juicebox this year, which is your third body of work, how is it different from your Juice Volumes?

V:The Juicebox is like an amalgamation of our influences whereas vol I and II felt very singular. This latest project came with a series of new challenges such as how to fit more than 2 voices into a song, as well as creating visuals that spoke that same language. The new art direction was really dope, and each artist brought their own sauce to the table. We created something timeless that still develops on vol I and II and gives you a deeper look into what you can expect from us moving forward. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

How do you see your sound evolving?

V: We see our sound evolving. For us, the stories really dictate the sound, and as of late, we have been inspired by both old Motown and early French Dance music. So if you can imagine a world where those two meet…

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