Discontinued Green-Dialed Patek Philippe Nautilus Resells for Over 1,300%

Patek Philippe continues to reign as one of the watch world’s most coveted brands. After discontinuing its Nautilus 5711/1A model at the beginning of this year, the watchmaker surprised fans with a release of a rare green-dialed variant with the reference code, 5711/A-014.

The olive-green-faced watch was set to be produced in limited quantities and was originally listed with a retail price of $35,893 USD. The watch became an instant hit and was seen hitting the resale market within the first couple of months of the release. At the time, the green Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 resold for over 900% over retail. The watch was so highly coveted that CEO Thierry Stern revealed that even his son could not get the green Nautilus.

According to Watch Charts, the green Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 currently trades at a premium of $1,300% above the original retail price on the secondary market. The resale market sees the watch hit an average market price of approximately $497,000 USD. It reports that a price below $442,000 USD is considered a great price, while anything above $551,700 USD is considered a high price. Within the $442,000 USD andd $551,700 USD is considered to be a fair price for the watch.

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