Digital Car Keys Are Coming to Google Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Select BMW Vehicles

As of today, the digital car key function introduced at Google I/O earlier this year is officially coming to Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S21 for select BMW vehicles.

The new function will allow compatible BMW drivers with Android phones to unlock or lock their cars and start the engines with just their phones. When opening Android Auto, users will now have the option to connect their devices to the compatible vehicle. Additional functions including smart reply options give additional ways for users to respond to texts when driving with the help of the Google Assistant. Down the line, there will also be faster ways to access your favorite tunes on the media app with a quick tap of a button.

Additionally, with the Android 12 update, the YouTube Music widget will give fans more accessibility in controlling playback. Google Photos has now added Memories to the photo grid, curating a selection of photos and videos from certain holidays and events to be displayed in a story format. Users can personalize the grid and save or remove the Memories as well. To improve security, the update is increasing the privacy measures by automatically turning off runtime permissions in apps rarely used.

Stay tuned for more updates moving forward.

In other tech news, Jack Dorsey’s Square Inc. has changed its name to Block.
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