Commandos Motorcycle Club holds rally for Deer Lodge Centre

There was thunder in the streets of Winnipeg Saturday as nearly 120 motorcycles lined up outside the Deer Lodge Centre.

The Manitoba chapter of the Commandos — a bike club compromised of active and retired members of various branches of the Canadian Armed Forces — set up their bikes in support of the Deer Lodge Centre Foundation. Deer Lodge is home to more than 50 veterans, some of whom served in the Second World War.

“These men and women are our heroes,” said Jerry Hart, president of the club’s Manitoba chapter.

“We want them to feel proud of the service they’ve given to our country. We want them to know that we have not and never will forget them.”

Deer Lodge veterans, residents and visitors had the chance to check out the bikes and meet the riders.

The club also directed a portion of the proceeds to support the Operational Stress Injuries Clinic at the Deer Lodge Centre. The clinic treats military and police personnel suffering from mental health conditions sustained while on duty, helping more than 1,000 people per year.

“We ride because it’s therapeutic,” Hart said. “On the road, we’re a brotherhood, just like we were in the military. Together we’re veterans supporting veterans, because no veteran should be left behind.”

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