Celebrity Treasure Island: All the secrets are spilled over tea and biscuits

Lordy, it’s almost the end of Celebrity Treasure Island and things are getting spicy.

Edna Swart is “highly disappointed” she didn’t get an apology from Buck Shelford or Candy Lane after their little run-in last week, but obviously Shelford and Lane are equally disappointed they didn’t get an apology from Swart, so it’s like three bulls butting heads.

Lance Savali, sick of being Repo’s captain, was stoked when they lost the team face-off on Monday because it meant they had to vote in a new captain but there was a twist.

Not a twist! In Celebrity Treasure Island? How completely unexpected.

Katipō played a card hidden up their sleeve and they got to cast a vote as well.

Chris Parker thought he had done a fantastic job of convincing the ovary agreement to vote for Brynley Stent, but Jess Tyson and Anna Simcic were a little on the fence almost like they knew the two BFF’s were hatching a plan.

Very smart move, ladies.

After much deliberation and a super sneaky chat, Tyson decided to vote for Lane. And Simcic was very close to doing the same but changed her mind last minute and decided Stent would be the better option, at least for now.

The lovely Stent won captaincy and after a successful captains test (that Savali was very happy to not be a part of) she won a one-on-one coffee date with a Katipō team member of her choice – so, of course, she picked Parker.

At least someone’s plan is working out.

Tonight you could tell the camps were getting a little itchy and after 20 straight days together, Aucklanders would be the first to understand why.

Savali didn’t hold back as he aired his uncensored option to the confession cam “Me and Edna, it’s a love-hate relationship.” He went on to say he didn’t like her when she first came onto the show.

Poor Swart, it’s like no one understands her boss babe, hard on the outside, soft on the inside vibe.

Finally, we got the scene we had been waiting for, Stent and Parker sitting on a hill, K-I-S-S- wait, sorry, Stent and Parker sitting on a hill S-P-I-L-L-I-N-G tea, baby.

Stent couldn’t help herself and jumped straight on the Swart train, telling Parker all about the pretend alliance Savali has with Swart, going on to say she exposed the ovary agreement and had a massive blow-up with Lane and Shelford.

“There’s a big part of me that’s super glad I wasn’t over there when all that blew up,” Parker told the confession cam but his grin told us he really wished he was a fly on the wall.

After they flabbergasted for god knows how long, the two BFFs came across a message in a bottle.

Dun, dun, dun.

The merge was going to happen sooner than they thought, tonight to be exact!

The two parted ways and Parker skedaddled back to his camp where he was careful about what he told his teammates.

“As always spill some beans, not all the beans, leave a few in the can.” The wise comedian smized.

Meanwhile, at Repo, Swart thought she had hit the jackpot saying “you could not script this better.” The poor darling was under the impression she created the awesome foursome alliance.

Bless Swart and her trusting soul but honey, you’ve got another thing coming.

At the team face-off, it all came down to Savali from Repo and Lana Searle from Katipō throwing balls and trying to smash tiles and if you think back to last week’s team face-off where the same thing happened, it was history repeating itself.

Safe to say it was on like donkey kong. Kachow.

Savali was stressed but mainly because of what Swart would say if he lost. “If I lose this Edna will probably come back to camp and say I should have thrown, you don’t know how to throw balls. Sorry, I’m not a professional with balls Edna.” Savali scoffed.

Thankfully, he took the win and his grin said it all. “If I didn’t win that one I would have cancelled myself out of the whole game.” He laughed.

Stent, as the latest captain of Repo, had the tough task of deciding who to put up for elimination – and Savali was desperate to have a go so he could win some pirate gold.

“I feel like I would be rich if I had seven [pirate coins] but I think Brynley thinks I can’t do anything so she probably won’t put me up.”

When the time came to announce who would be facing off in the elimination arena, Stent had everyone on edge as she pulled out a scroll that allowed her to put up Katipō’s captain.

Radio presenter Lana Searle from Katipō would face off against dancer and choreographer, Lance Savali from Repo in a battle that was all about balance and memory.

It looked like Savali would take out the win until he completely forgot what he was doing and kind of stood there for a little bit ready for defeat, his whole team shaking their heads with an I’m not surprised but I’m disappointed vibe.

In an unbelievable turnaround, Savali took out the win against Searle and (finally) won himself some pirate gold. To say he was chuffed would be an understatement.

Searle said her goodbyes and the remaining celebs were told they had made the top eight and would now merge. The time for teamwork was over.

Oh, ouch, I think I burnt myself. This competition is getting hot.

All the celebs would now live at Katipō and when it came down to sleeping arrangements it was no surprise Swart told everyone where to go but poor Jess Tyson felt left out when she wasn’t asked to sleep in the same area as the awesome foursome alliance.

“I feel like I’m not with my mates and I’m not with my generation either,” Tyson told the confession cam.

It was like school camp when all your friends ditched you.

Come back tomorrow for all the juicy goss.

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