'Call of Duty: Warzone' Withdraws Samoyed Skin Following Plagiarism Allegations

Activision has now removed the samoyed skin from Call of Duty: Warzone following allegations of plagiarism. The skin was first made available under the Floof Fury pack for in-game operator Kim Tae Young for the game’s fourth season, but Chinese artist Sail Lin quickly noticed the similarities with a design they created two years ago.

Since the revelations, Activision received a large amount of backlash from the gaming community and has now issued a statement of apology on top of pulling the skin from the game. “We have the utmost respect for creativity and content creation,” said Activision. “We love the Loyal Samoyed, but regrettably we erred in our process and have removed this imagery from the game. We apologize for the misstep.”

As Polygon points out, it’s not the first time a large publisher or developer has been accused of plagiarism. Companies like Sony and Capcom have also been tied to similar controversies, often due to mistakes in the vetting process when working with a massive number of third-party contractors and assets.

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