Bone Soda to Open Its New London-Based Creative Hub "DIJONSS"

London-based creative hub Bone Soda is opening a “purposeful modular space” that allows like-minded people to learn new skills, connect with new peers, and foster creative thinking. 

For those who are unaware of Bone Soda, it is one of many things. Standing as a record label, creative studio, party thrower, and fashion line, the collective — run by close friends Skinny Macho, Truce Susan, and Sofie — was originally launched almost seven years ago. Its hosted events that have captured the best emerging talent in the country and gave the stage to some of the biggest artists in the world. For example, one of Bone Soda’s most iconic parties featured Nigerian rapper Rema, before it led to an after-party hosted by PinkPantheress.

Now, Bone Soda has just shared the news that its new home for all things creative, dubbed DIJONSS, is opening in London soon. Taking to Instagram to announce the news, the Bone Soda team said: “There’s a real need for a physical space in London, where people from different pockets of society can come together. 

“We envision a place that fosters creative thinking and community, as well as providing an environment to celebrate new ideas. So much has changed post-pandemic and the current economic situation is tough for us all, but we all gotta get out and get each other out. DIJONSS is that place. Somewhere to go and hang out. But also to learn something new and have fun doing it.”

DIJONSS is currently under construction, however, the new space promises to host events and activities such as a run club, DJ and music production workshops, outdoor hikes, a book and chess club, exhibitions, game nights, self-care and mental wellness talks, a football club, and much more.

You can take a closer look inside DIJONSS above and the space will be opening soon at 6 Dray Walk, London, E1 6QL.

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