BMW, Ford and Honda Forced to Reduce Production Due to Global Microchip Shortage

With the global chip shortage continuing to worsen, the automotive industry is feeling its effects all across the world, with German automaker BMW, Japanese automaker Honda, and American automaker Ford all forced to cut productions in the near future.

According to reports, all three car manufacturers announced on the same day that their vehicle productions will be reduced. Honda will halt production at three different Japanese plants for close to a week next month, while Ford said that the crisis could cut production by half over the course of this financial quarter. BMW announced similar news, warning that its facilities in both Germany and England could be facing delays.

The news comes shortly after industry giant Intel’s decision to create chips for the automotive industry on top of a $20 billion USD investment made previously to increase overall semiconductor production. Despite this, manufacturing will take six to nine months to get into full speed, and Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins has said during an interview that he expects the shortage to continue for at least the remainder of 2021.

Elsewhere in tech, Apple has reportedly begun mass producing its next-generation M2 processor.
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