Blue Bottle Coffee Celebrates Third Hong Kong Café Opening With Human Made Capsule

Blue Bottle Coffee is gearing up for the opening of its third, and largest cafe in Hong Kong with a small Human Made capsule.

Set to open on Wan Chai St. Francis Street, the store opening will also introduce this small capsule of goods which includes a T-shirt, Bottle Coffee x Human Made Future and Past Blend coffee, and a Hong Kong-exclusive baseball cap.

Celebrating this capsule and Hong Kong’s third Blue Bottle location, NIGO commented in a brief interview below:

How did you learn about Blue Bottle Coffee?

My first visit to Blue Bottle Coffee was about three years ago. There was a Blue Bottle cafe near my shop’s new location. When I went to the cafe on my way to work one morning, the atmosphere inside almost made me feel like I was overseas. I loved it so much that I’ve been there almost every day since. I’ve always loved coffee, and though I knew about Blue Bottle Coffee, I had never been to a Blue Bottle cafe until then. Even though it was my first visit, I immediately realized why it is so popular. Of course, the coffee is delicious, but the atmosphere, the staff, and the customers are all amazing too. Like everyone else, I was also quite taken by the beautiful cafe space.

How did the collaboration between HUMAN MADE and Blue Bottle come about?

I had the opportunity to meet with Saki Igawa, the Blue Bottle Coffee Chief Brand Officer. She knew I visited the cafe frequently, and during our chat, we discussed the possibility of a collaboration.

What did you focus on when designing uniforms and collaboration items for Shibuya Cafe?

I feel that Blue Bottle Coffee and HUMAN MADE have similar goals in terms of respect for tradition and simplicity. I know that if you like Blue Bottle Coffee, you will like HUMAN MADE, and if you like HUMAN MADE, you will like Blue Bottle Coffee. We’ve used the Blue Bottle Coffee logo to make the collection a staple of HUMAN MADE and to appeal to fans of both brands.

Please tell us about HUMAN MADE FUTURE BLEND

My go-to drink is the single-origin pour-over. I also like blends that use a natural-processed coffee as their base, which inspired the creation of Future Blend. I love this blend so much. It’s a great honor to collaborate on this blend with Blue Bottle and a dream come true.

Those in Hong Kong can find the capsule at all three Blue Bottle Coffee locations — Wan Chai Café, Central, and IFC Café — and the K11 design online store starting from December 16 – 22.

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